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The scope of Electio's work span from:
  • Helping companies establishing a challenging vision and focused strategic direction.
  • Fully restructure their operations supporting the buildup of totally new architectures
  • Comprehensive advice for the introduction and launch of products
  • Develop exciting new or creative business opportunities
  • Helping establish strong business partnerships with Latin American regional players.

Advisory and Management Consulting

We can provide you with spot on and sound advice to your business strategy and projects, adding tremendous value to you and your teams based on:

  • Our thorough knowledge of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology business.

  • Our knowledge and understanding of the Latin American market, its countries and its wonderful people

  • Our strong business acumen and operational experience

  • Our strong network all across the region and other markets

  • Our well know reputation, honesty, trust, discretion and confidentiality, and successful track record 


When should you consider us?

Our clients come to us among other things, when they are in need to discuss new business ideas, projects, opportunities or areas of concern; get non biased opinions and recommendations about their businesses; to help them craft their regional or country level vision and strategies; to provoke change and transformation; to challenge status quo and move their teams to new levels of execution and performance; to help them address special business circumstances. 

How can we do this?:

  • On Demand advice

  • Become an active member of your Executive Board, management team, committees or project teams. 

  • Working directly with you and your top leaders and responsibles. 

  • Becoming “Sherpas” of recently appointed top executives like country General Managers or executives in need of guidance and/or invigoration.

Business Development

Strategic partnering has become one of the most important business activities of our time. In the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology community, there is literally no company in the world that can do it all by itself; therefore companies, entrepreneurs and investment groups are constantly looking to partner and maximize all existing opportunities to their full potential; and there are plenty of opportunities out there!

In fact, the level of transactions that are coming to fruition in the Latin American region is unprecedented: From small firms acquiring a single established product, foreign corporations granting distribution rights of their portfolio, to Multinationals acquiring local companies, etc. What all have in common is companies with commercial needs, a great opportunity, seeking and finding the right partner, close a solid agreement and add value to all parties involved. 

Electio Consulting is well positioned to support their clients by incorporating new and exciting business opportunities. Because of our knowledge in the region, our work with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies and our strong network inside and outside the Latin America region, we are equipped to strengthen your strategic partnering efforts and find ways to maximize your business potential.

We are constantly working with companies that have assets that require further development or have great business opportunities, and are seeking partners to make them come to life.


Please contact us for more information, if you are a company looking to:

  • Sell or buy products,

  • Sell or buy a company,

  • License-In / License-Out products,

  • Co-Promote or Co-Market products,

  • Find a distributor for your products,

  • Expand your presence to new markets,

  • Or you just have a business idea and want to explore it.

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