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Welcome to Electio Consulting

Electio Consulting is an Advisory firm specialized in the Latin American Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Markets founded in 2010.

We are executives with thorough knowledge, operational experience and proven success in this extraordinary region with a robust network across Latin America and other important markets.

We bring to our clients solid advisory and management consulting services in the areas of Business Strategy, Operations and the Discovery and Development of new and creative Business Opportunities.

We are also passionate about Mentoring leaders that want to be successful in managing the complexity of today’s challenging and demanding business environment.


Business Advise and Management Consulting

Business Development


Executive Mentoring


Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies



Top Executive leaders 


"Electio" is the Latin equivalent of the word 'alternative' and its literal meaning is choice, selection, or option. Thus, Electio Consulting is a "boutique" advising, consulting and mentoring firm, seeking to become a trusted knowledgeable business partner to its clients.


We are former business executives of top level corporations that were confronted with real business issues and managed them with success.


Electio has a solid and extensive network of highly experienced professionals and companies that we have gathered under our "Knowledge Bank" concept, and includes among others, Associated Subject Matter Experts, Scientific Leads and Partner Consulting Firms which can be at the service of our clients.

Our clients are companies from the USA, Germany, Spain, Japan and the Latin American region and we have done projects directly or through our Knowledge Bank in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, the Dominican Republic, all of Central America and as far as Australia.  



Electio Consulting LLC
P.O. Box 808  
Wayne, PA 19087-0808
United States of America

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