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Since its creation in May 2010, Electio Consulting has provided solutions directly and through our network to a wide array of companies and individuals including:

  • Top global corporations as well as medium and small size pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies based in the US, Germany, Spain, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela and Central America.  

  • Start-ups and local - non pharma companies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  • C-level Executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders from several countries in Latin America and the United States.



Some of our projects include:

Advisory and Management Consulting


  • Several projects on the establishment of a new business Vision, Priorities and Key Success Factors at regional and country levels.

  • Several projects to help companies land their business strategic plans into executable and measurable projects through the implementation of our project process called "The Priority Based Management System" (PBMS™).

  • Advisory and support role in the rebuilding and turnaround of the Latin American operations for an international medium size pharmaceutical company. 

  • Advisory and support role in the Product Portfolio Management at regional and country level.

  • Draft Commercialization plans for the launch of innovative Biologic products in several countries.

  • Several comprehensive and mapping analyses for the introduction of new small molecules, biotechnology and vaccine products in all or some of the Latin American countries.

  • Support role in the management to refocus company’s priorities through the successful reallocation of company resources.

  • Rebuilding of the vision and organizational architecture of a sub-region structure, Elaboration of workbooks

Business Development

  • Out licensing of products by American, European and Japanese companies to different business partners in the Latin American region. 

  • Advisory support for Start-up ventures of different size and scope.

  • "On Demand" advice to companies wanting to start operations or explore business opportunities in the region or a given country. 

Executive Mentoring

  • Executive Mentor to C Suite executives, business owners and entrepreneurs in the US and Latin American countries.

  • Career development and career transitioning advise to executives across a wide range of industries and functions

Discussing the Numbers
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